Reconfiguration Design

of Existing & New Furniture

Stage 1

Inventory of Existing Products

  • Site verification of existing furniture and product
  • Site measurements and verification (ie. Windows, Wall Outlets, HVAC etc.)
  • Photos of existing layout, furniture and finishes

Stage 2


  • 2D AutoCAD Drawing of existing layout of furniture in existing space
  • List created of parts and pieces of furniture with corresponding fabrics and finishes

Stage 3

Inventory of Existing Products

  • Create Proposed 2D AutoCAD Drawing as directed using existing furniture
  • Additional furniture, parts and pieces to be ordered as "New"
  • Process List of components for installers required for accurate reconfiguration: Existing product reused from site, new product required, leftover product

Stage 4


  • Prepare Installation drawings with proper AutoCAD layers for furniture layout
  • Provide Existing drawing, New Drawing, 3D typicals and photos for installers
  • Installation completed using drawings, lists of existing and new product delivered to site
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